Toddler Meal

Here I've created a page just for kids; get your kids eating delicious, nutritious food that they love. I've compiled Wonderful, creative cooking ideas for them. Some food needs adult supervision. I hope you have a great time cooking for you kids as much as I do. 

 Semolina Pudding : Semolina puddings are a great way to boost your little one’s calcium intake...

Baked fish  : Fish is easy to cook. I made Baked fish for my son, wrapped in parchment paper and baked it in the oven....

Vegetarian pasta : vegetarian pasta for babies...

Avocado Sandwiches : Super food for the brain..

Banana+strawberry pancakes : Toddlers love pancakes for breakfast. Making your own homemade pancakes don't take that much longer and you can give your child healthier choices and more variety.

  Mango Pancakes : Enjoy this juicy mango pancakes in every bites.

Chicken Tender with Sweet Potato : Really easy to make these beautiful crunchy chicken tender and we have black pepper mushroom sauce for the chicken. And we also made sweet potato wedges with avocado dips. We got all the nutrient in one meal walla!

Omelet Bites - these mini munchies are a great way to have it for breakfast. They taste great as the usual omelet we have. Plus, it's protein! 

Sardine Puff - It's easy, simple. Quick for snacks.

Sprinkle Pancakes - This colourful pancakes its must try. The kids love and enjoy them.

Quick Pizza - Perfect toddler snacks. Filling and delicious.

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